Who didn't love RadioShack? When I was a kid back in Winnipeg, it was always a thrill for me to go visit my local RadioShack. As I grew older and CB radio became a thing, I started to buy communication equipment from RadioShack.

Because the higher end CB's and scanners were a little out of my price range back then, I would use the RadioShack layaway program. That typically meant I would put a deposit down but within a few weeks, I'd just buying it out because I was so excited to get new radio equipment.

In the 80s I became a collector of RadioShack catalogs. I still have some catalogs that I picked up and put in plastic that are still there to this day never read. I never thought it would be such an amazing look back at all the cool equipment I wish I could have had back in the day.

I loved RadioShack so much I even dreamed of being a manager of a store. I did work at a RadioShack in Winnipeg at the Polo Park mall for about a year or so. I realized there was only so much that could be done as far as a salesman. One of the more successful RadioShack salesmen that I knew, told me he tried to be a manager, but realized that he made way more money with Commission doing sales. It would've been nice to have purchased a franchise in the 70s (See ad for Grand Opening of a store in Winnipeg) when they first came to Canada, but I was way too young and had no money so that was out of the question.

This site is dedicated to all the people that brought and sold all this really cool electronic goodies to the world throughout the years.

I truly hope that this site it is going to be a really good resource for catalogs Flyers and other RadioShack related material.

Thank you for visiting.


P.S. If you have any material you would like to donate to the site please contact me as I would love to be able to add more as time goes on.


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