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Radio Shack, for young people today those words have little meaning. To many older people Radio Shack was a fixture in our entertainment, hobbies, electronic related work and for some of us employment. What was and what is, isn’t the same and it’s never coming back. Society has changed way too much from those who mused to those who want to be amused.

We all have a personal story of our love of Radio Shack. Mine started out with my first set of walkie-talkies when I was a kid to a full line of communication equipment all purchased at Radio Shack. While we can’t go back to those days, we can relive some of our memories while we look through the catalogs as we did so many years back.

This site will concentrate on the years between the 60s to the 90s in what I believe was Radio Shack's heyday. I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the old goodies from Reel to Reel to CB radio to Scanners and Shortwave radios. Radio Shack had some real neat stuff way back when.