1988 - October - Flyer

Tandy 1000 HX. The first desktop PC with MS-DOS built in! MS-DOS (in ROM) loads automatically in just seconds—just insert your program diskette and go! It’s the ultimate in ease of use for first-time users, the ultimate in time-saving convenience for experienced users! Your first program is included—Personal Desk- Mate 2 (see right). A high-capacity 3V2" disk drive is built in—and there’s room for a second 3V2" drive (or an external 5'â" drive). The Tandy 1000 HX offers conveniences that you would have to pay extra for in other computers. You’ll be able to plug in joysticks, a printer—even a second disk drive—without paying for extracost adapters. And expansion is-easy. Just add the Memory PLUS Expansion Adapter (25-1062) and you can have room for up to two PLUS-style boards. The Tandy 1000 HX is right for your family or classroom—and your budget! #25-1053

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