If our estimates are correct, there are currently more than one million flashlights. toys and transistor radios in Canada whose potential is undermined by a simple absence of power. All it would take to put this collective sight, sound and light show back on its feet is batteries Most of you don't know it, but much of this power is there for the asking.

You need nothing more than a free Battery Club card. Radio Shack Battery Club card. Radio Shack, the McDonald's of the retail stereo trade, has been unusually restrained in its promotion of this program to get customers and non-customers to ultimately mingle with the merchandise. To get in on the deal, go into any of Radio Shack's 800 stores and authorized dealers in Canada and ask manager for the orange card that entitles you to one free battery a month for the next year. You can choose one of four different sizes that would normally set you back from 35 to 69 cents apiece. No purchase necessary, simply present your card each time so Radio Shack can check off the month on the card's flipside.

Agreed that a freebie with a maximum value of $8.28 is not altruism unlimited. Still, at a time when you're happy just to get what you paid for, this free battery program is the best deal we've heard about all month. On with the show ....

The Winnipeg Tribune, 1979-01-13 (Page 90)

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